Had a discussion about being spontaneous with someone very close.

I am all for it, but showed some hesitation which made the matters worse.

I was thinking about obligations, financial constraints and the likes, which infuriated the person on the other end a bit.

That set the ball rolling in my head: can we actually be spontaneous?

Can we do something we really want to do, without thinking about other aspects of life the spontaneous decision might affect?

Most probably, No. And therein lies the root of all my problems.

We overextend ourselves in one area of our life, severely constraining ourselves in others.

When I was in college, I told myself that I'd go out on rides, tours and trips as often as possible.

Then I went ahead and made sure the only thing on my mind is 'how to stay afloat without borrowing money for the rest of the month'.

If I were to do that 'spontaneous travel' thing, I have to get a huge lumpsum of money to take care of my obligations.

Sadly, that's not going to happen.

I keep telling myself 'someday', and that someday never arrives.

If I am done with one obligation, I will have another, equally important one, staring back at me.

The best thing would be to keep some dough aside for the spontaneous stuff.

That impulse buy, that unplanned trip, that escape into the unknown.

At least, I will not be second guessing my decision - if I have planned for it beforehand.

That sure does take the spontaneousness out of it, but at least I can get the feeling that I am living life a little.

We might have a hundred different things that need our attention; but if we neglect ourselves while taking care of those things - then we have lost to external pressures.

It pays in the long run to live a little today, I think.

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