The fragile creative

Found a quote that struck a chord.
We have this thing in the industry where we treat creatives as mythic creatures that need codes and special tricks to 'crack.' But at the end of the day they’re people, albeit people who make a living by putting themselves out there day in and day out, which is a pretty brave and vulnerable thing to do. So respect them. Make sure they have grounds to respect you. Love them. Feed them (figuratively and literally). Reassure them. Be compassionate but call them out on their shit. And no matter what, do your best to keep it positive.
 Almost everyone in this business don't consider us as normal human beings.

They don't understand our need for information, time to mull things over and the distraction that helps us come up with ideas.

We have superiors who frown at us because we are sitting on the couch, dooling.

We get yelled at because we are not in at office by 10 AM; no one cares if we were working til 3 in the morning.

Not many understand that our work is not like theirs, where in we open up a program, do something and finish it off before the day ends.

Our minds are on the job 24X7. We can't turn off and on, because the nature of what we do doesn't permit that.

We put ourselves through self doubt and constant fear of failure. Granted we are not saving lives, but it sure does feel like we are taking ours at times.

It's easy, don't be negative - you might say. But without this doubt, we can't come up with something spectacular. this negativity is what results in a positive thought process.

Help us out. We are not taking your salary for goofing off, people. We do something that adds value. We don't want you to respect us; but at east try not to ridicule us.

We get hurt more than you'd ever imaging, and our work suffers because of it.


Soumya said...

4 days of inactivity :)

Kris Nayak said...

3 days, Ma'am. Long weekend coupled with a faulty internet connection. I have written the posts up on paper, though - will post all 4 when my workplace obligations finish :)