The delight of doing what one desires

Of late, I have been a writer who hardly writes.

I found excuses to postpone any writing work that didn't pay.

And I felt like shit every time I had to write.

Not good for someone who chose this profession against the better judgement of, well, everyone.

But yesterday, it did not matter.

I was unable to sleep, and instead of watching telly or surfing the net, I chose to write.

I wrote for hours together, until a sore head and fresh hands had swapped conditions.

I was tired, but I was more than happy to stay awake till the end of the day.

The highlight of the year, by a long shot.


Soumya said...

Now that u started writing again, please dont stop ... :)

Kris Nayak said...

No, I won't stop now :) Comments help to stay motivated, and do let me know if you disagree with what I say. Thanks a lot for reading.