The winning habit

Yesterday's cricket match between Bangalore and Delhi made for interesting viewing.

Bangalore, on the verge of victory, almost faltered. Delhi, Down and out, fought back hard, but eventually lost.

It was as if both teams did not want to win.

In previous matches, versus Chennai and Hyderabad - Bangalore managed to lose from strong positions.

Take a different match for a contrast: During the Chennai Vs Pune match, even when the target seemed out of reach of Chennai, which it eventually was, There was an air of 'we can do this' in the Chennai dressing camp.

NO matter what you say, you can see the confidence and the ability to take anything head-on could be seen in that Chennai line-up.

After watching all these matches, I can only feel that winning - is a habit to be cultivated.

It is not much different from getting up early in the morning or running for 5 miles in the morning.

We know these are good for us, but when the time comes - we tend to rationalize the decision and decide to sleep instead.

Winning is the same. Victory brings a lot of other things along with it - expectations, and the pressure to perform better. Most of us shrink in front of them, and do something silly which leads to a loss.

Some people decide against this rationalization, I think. That's why they tend to win at most of what they do.

The rest of us? we need to be dragged across the line until we get confident. We need someone who encourages us, hits out at us or does something drastic so that we stick to what we have to do, and end up winning.

After a few times, we realise what is it like - and start doing it on our own. Until then, get someone to help you out, and try not to detest her/him.

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