Thinking ahead

Read the book 'Oath of Vayuputras' last week. Eminently forgettable, with a huge build up and a whimper at the end.

But one line stuck in my mind.

One of the characters, Maharshi Bhrigu, tells another. Daksha: "Your plans seldom account for more than 3 months in the future, my Highness."

I can draw parallel to many organizations we see everyday.

They alienate people and jeopardise repeat business because immediate profit is what matters to them.

Take insurance, for example. Instead of handing a measly payout, they try to find various clauses that let them off the hook.

The customer moves on; no problem, in a country of a billion, more will readily fill her place.

Advertising: We'll release crappy ads which won't do anything for the business but which have been okeyed by clients.

After all, the employees don't care about business or doing good work; they are worried if they get their next month's salary, and doing exactly what is necessary.

Nothing more, nothing less.

'Satisfaction of doing good work' be damned.


Soumya said...

But in the book the same Brighu did the grave mistake of "not identifying" Evil... So what's the point ;)

Kris Nayak said...

Yes, but he did stand by what he believed in until the bitter end, and he was gracious enough to recognize his mistake. Two qualities majorly lacking in today's workforce.

And may I point out that his plan, even though was on the side of evil, had more chance of succeeding than Daksha's harebrained plan? :P

Soumya said...

You are quick :)... Yeah I do agree Brighu was 100% better than Daksha... :)And yes weak people do more harm when given power than evil ppl...