Learning from goofups

A friend was in a pickle a few hours ago. Was talking about it, remembered many of my goof-ups.

This one, where I sent a 'that person is not-so-nice' SMS, intended for someone else, to the 'not-so-nice' person stood out.

That was dumbassery at its finest. I could have called the person I wished to speak to, but sent a message instead.

One good thing - my faith in the old adage 'common sense is not common' was duly restored.

Thankfully, I haven't blundered on communication front since.

Should I have not done what I did? Of Course not. Talking shit about people whom I don't like in front of people I like is one of the best stressbusters I have out there.

But ever since that incident, I've kept those unmentionables to talking. I know that if I commit it to writing or any other storable medium - it will be seen by some unintended eyes and will cause many unintended problems.

Long live common sense (or being less stupid).

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