What the incapable do

Every day, I commute more than 30 KM to my workplace and back. On a bike.

The commute throws different characters at me. Some are rude, some apologetically slow, some don't even realize they're on a vehicle... you get the drift.

The variety I hate - absolutely, positively despise - are the wannabes on scotterettes.

They don't have the power to overtake the vehicles in front, yet incessantly honk as if others are impeding their speed.

I used to get irritated at them; then my brother showed me a better way to deal with them.

All you have to do is go to the side of the road, and make a gesture asking them to move forward.

9 out of ten times, the guys (yes, not girls) fail to use the open space/advantage offered.

I'm sorry. Make it ten out of ten.

You meet these kind of guys every day; the ones who are waiting for all the signals to turn green, so that they can zoom around without a worry (to paraphrase a dialogue from Life in a metro, a Hindi movie).

"there were unforeseen obstacles, I couldn't get the thing done" is awfully similar to "The traffic was horrible - no one was giving way".

The one who complains doesn't see the problem in what s/he has; everything has to be the fault of someone else.

If you take the reason for complaining away, their inability pops out like a cat in a group of dogs.

Why not improve your ability to handle 'unforeseen' work? Why not get a more powerful vehicle?

You know the answer.

Too much effort.

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