Why do I fail to change

Not because my intentions were not strong enough.

Not because I embraced the philosophy half- heartedly.

Not because I am weak.

I feel it happens because I am complacent in my little world, and I have too many choices.

Scratch the first one: I have too many choices, and I am too lazy to choose among them.

I do get up early in the morning, and I have the choice of working out, cooking a good breakfast, playing with my dog, reading a book and so on. Finally, I end up doing nothing but crash on the sofa and watch TV.

So, I think I'll do better if I have less choices around. I'll try to eliminate other acts from the 'morning' scenario, for example, and keep only one. 7 Am means I should be cooking. nothing else is allowed. I'll do this for every routine task I have to do for a week, and see if it helps.

Wish me luck.

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