Following your passion

Aimless surfing landed me on this page, which was talking about Vivien Maier - a genius photographer.

Surprisingly, no one knew about her or her street photographs until recently. Not even her closest friends and family.

She was just a nanny in New York.

Moments later, I came across this image, courtesy a friend.

Put together, these two links paint a stark picture of how 'passion' is getting diluted, or how the casual attitude of many has made it difficult for the truly passionate to excel.

I believe if one is passionate about something, s/he would try to be the best they can be. And not worry about getting recognised or gaining feeble praises.

Marketing one's talent is necessary too, but most of the 'photographers' I see have no skills, have no intentions of improving them, yet promote themselves on social media sites - garnering likes.

Your time is spent better on honing the craft. And then maybe finding people who will spread your name. The second commodity is in abundance now; it's the first attribute we lack.

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