I saw a display of power hitting, the ability to accomplish the impossible and the self belief to go with it.

Not many teams come back from 4 wickets down to win a match so convincingly as Punjab did today against Bangalore.

And David Miller, Not yet 24 years, was in the thick of things.

The way he was hitting - listen to the commentators. The way he disoriented the best fielders in the business - ask the experts. I'm interested in none of that.

What impressed me the most was his demeanour. The way he kept a straight face after hitting one unbelievable shot after another. As if it was business as usual.

Reminded me of one story where an eminent F1 driver, can't recall correctly if it was Nigel Mansell, Niki Lauda or someone else, talked about driving in wet conditions.

Everyone believed that the man in question loved to drive in the rains. And in rainy conditions, they just gave up hope, because they hated to drive on wet tarmac, and Niki/Nigel, who loved the conditions, would win anyway.

Whereas the man in question absolutely hated driving in those conditions. He just let the myth perpetrate and reaped the benefits of doubt in the minds of others.

This Miller kid has been doing these rescue acts for quite some time now, but usually fell short of finishing the matches off. His body language remained the same, as if he is used to the pressure, and he has the better grasp over the conditions.

Today-it was different. The more he played today, the more Bangalore cricketers panicked. It was as if they believed Miller would defy them.

Which he did. I'd not be surprised if David Miller comes out someday and says he is a big bag of nerves while batting, but he is just good enough not let anyone else see it.

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