Lingering doubts

There are times when I feel I am in the wrong profession. Not because of writer's block; thankfully, I love the act of writing too much not to have anything to write. The reason is the reaction my writing gets from others. Especially, clients.

Almost everything I thought was good enough was trashed by clients over the last few weeks. Whenever that happens, I ask them what they want, go back to the drawing board, come up with something (mediocre, in my opinion), and they accept it.

Makes me wonder: am I out of sync with the industry? or is my writing that bad?

This 'commercial writing for a living' thing is really funny. Everyone feels they can do it better than me, and I never have a proper response for them. The amount of thinking I put in is never recognized; Clients often ask "Why does he need an hour to write a few lines?" to my colleagues, and I have no answer. Again.

In times like these, I wonder if earning my livelihood in another business might've been a good idea. I could have written in my free time, minus all these worries.

Few days ago, I wrote how the time between coming up with an idea and penning it down excites me. It still does, but I sometimes wonder if it is worth the trouble and anguish I go through the rest of the day.

The answer is yes, for the time being. But I feel the day it turns out to be a 'NO' is not far off.


Soumya said...

Time to seggregate work from passion :)... Its good to have both as same... But it backfires when you have a boss and lot of clients who have not much idea on how to play with words...

Kris Nayak said...

That's where side projects come in - and I hope at least something goes right in mine!