Man of steel

It has been a ritual of sorts for me and my brother to watch superhero movies on big screen from a long time.

The movie is just a reason to lose ourselves for a while, suspend reality and watch people defy physics.

But of late, these movies are turning more realistic. A decade or so ago, we'd not have seen superman cry or iron man contemplate his inner strength.

I blame Mr.Nolan for bringing this on us. He showed us these fictional characters can be humans too. And everyone is jumping on the wagon batman thought was his own.

Though I rue the lack of pure action, somewhere I appreciate the way things have turned out. Makes me feel I can be like them too, that I can conquer my kryptonite and make this world a better place.

Even if it is for a moment, I feel my worries and fears can be laid to rest.

And by the way, 'man of steel' makes 'avengers' look like a low budget indie film.

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