Once there was a fish,
Who though it could do a lot more.
It said, 'Only if it got out of the water,
Every moment can have so much in store'.

It jumped out one day,
Started gasping for breath.
Thought it couldn't live a second longer,
And the only certainty was death.

Funnily though, nothing much changed.
Everything was done easily, yet felt strange.

It said 'water was bad for me, I am better off here',
And the priorities were rearranged.

It lived for long, and did everything it wanted to,
But being away from water had its effects too.
Working hard to live without it
Made sure it didn't enjoy anything new.

Was it worth it, the getting away?
I don't know what to say.
But one thing I know -
I wouldn't feel lonely at the end of every day.

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