The need to get recognized

The more I get on facebook, the weirder I feel.

I feel that people on my friends list are enjoying the moment less and chronicling them more.

Well, you may say that they are enjoying so much that they want to share it with me.


It is more of 'in your face, bitches!', I feel. You know what kind of updates I am talking about.

I guess it is the need for approval from our social circle that makes us do this. We are not sure if we are actually enjoying the moment, and therefore-we post online-gathering likes and supportive comments which make us feel better.

I have a few friends, perfectly happy doing what they love, and I hardly see them doing any posts of that kind.

Don't worry, I am not being a saint here. I log on to facebook for a similar reason: to gain approval about my existence. To make my fellow human beings think that I am, in fact intelligent, witty, and thoughtful. Those kind of reactions are best elicited on twitter or quora, I know, but facebook is where I can reach more people.

And when I am there for a mildly sinister reason, I get annoyed because others are doing the same.

I know, I am slightly screwed up in my head. But I want to fix it, and this is me acknowldging that I have a problem. Actually there are plenty, but I am going to report them as and when I realize what the are - and correct them. (And I can pretend to be thoughtful and intelligent and witty in fron of you guys who care a bit, instead of the world who doesn't give a damn).

Finally, a parting thought: based on a one-man survey (i.e. me), I have come to the conclusion that whatever the opinion you have developed about a person based on her/his online persona - the reality is 9 and a half times worse. at least.

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