The road to recovery

1. Acceptance.
The most difficult of them all. I have been one way all this while, and hearing others say that it is wrong is usually a reason to go 'fuck you people, I am living my life my way'. Accepting that they were actually right? almost impossible.

2. Regression.
The 'how could I have been so dumb' part. This is where I go into self loathing (different from the regular kind, because it usually involves remembering every mistake ever did).

3. Research.
Finding out how to make things better. Figuring what I need to flick out of my head and what actually is worth retaining. Tedious, form the looks of it.

4. Rage.
The difficulty of translating research into practice results in this. Stay away from me for a while, all of you.

5. Realization.
That all of the above were useless. Someone else will have problems with the new me, and being the same old me wasn't much different. This is where I say 'fuck you people, I am living my life my way' (different from the first point because this time I actually mean it).

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