The Uncertainty principle

NOT a rant about Heisenberg or Breaking bad. What I want to talk about is a common phenomenon, which every one of us encounter at least once a week.

Here's the scenario:
We present an idea to clients. They pass on their feedback. It goes to production, everyone is happy.

The problem arises when the idea is a bit off the trodden path. The clients aren't that sure anymore. Granted, the output was based on the requirements they provided - but why is it different from the normal?

 No one has the guts to ask, or understand the reason when explained. This is where the uncertainty principle kicks in.

They start nitpicking over details which have nothing to do with the final product, like the colour of the 8th flower from the left in the background image.
Why? because it is easier to find the flaws instead of saying 'Go ahead' or 'No'. 
Everyone wants to contribute, but no one wants the responsibility. 
They're afraid that if others disagree, they'll be the laughing stock.
We will remain mediocre if we concentrate on 'Not making things wrong' instead of 'Making things great'.

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