I like to write. I like to read too, and I like to find out new things I don't know about. I like to take the ordinary and try to tell it in an interesting way; I try to use as few words as possible when I do that. I like long sentences, punctuation marks and semicolons - and I like to use the dash. I like contradictory statements, and anything that forces me to think. I don't like to use the word 'impossible' when it comes to writing. I like to think about how my words are going to be displayed. I like to fight when I don't get the right feedback, but I do go back to my desk and come up with something better when that happens.

My name is Krishna, and I am a copywriter.

if you need someone who can do more than writing copy/content for your project, please get in touch. You can
  • drop a mail at Srikrishna(dot)Nayak(at)gmail(dot)com
  • call me @ 9481277666
  • or link me in. 
If you have some time, go through my blog. Leave comments if possible. And have a nice day too.